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Ami-Chan no Hatsukoi Summary!Part 3
 Ami reads as she walks down a corridor of her school. She passes by other students, who marvel at the recent test scores. Ami notices the huddle around the results.
   "Oh, the result of the practice exams..." Ami remarks nervously. She thinks to herself, and gets an idea. "That's it! If I take more exams, and go to more tutorial seminars, maybe I'll meet this Mercurius!"
 In Ami's frame of mind she thinks. "I've never felt so passionate before...It's so thrilling to have a rival!"  
   A fire depiciting Ami's passion blazes through the screen. "All right, I won't back down from this either!" She swings her bookbag around, and the fire burns behind her.
 In the real world, everyone is watching Ami, and she gets an anime sweatdrop.

 "The next day," narrates Luna, "something in Ami changed suddenly. Ami, I think maybe you're overdoing it."

Dozens, possibly hundreds of books are scattered about in the room of the Hikawa Shrine. Ami jots some notes down.

 "Oh! We're tied for first again! This person is not just anybody to be placed first every time!" Ami furiously yells while the other girls seem annoyed. Ami further examens the book.  
   "And what does that make you?" Rei smartly asks.
 "But what is this person like, do you think?" Ami responds dreamily. "I do wish I could meet him..."  

 Mako remarks, "She's crazy..."

"Ami, it almost seems like you're in love or something," Minako candidly observes.

 Startled by this, Ami defends, "No, no. He's a rival!"
   Usagi teases, "How do you know that it's a 'he'? The name 'Mercurius' doesn't reveal anything like that..."

 Ami, outwitted, confesses, "Well, yes. I guess. But..."

"So Ami, what do you look for in a man anyway?" Minako interrupts.


 "Yeah tell us!" Mako says.

"What's he like?" inquires Chibi-Usa.

   "What I look for? He's..." Ami gets interrupted.
 "...Like..." the other girls eagerly ask in unison.  
   " Einstein!" Ami proudly exclaims.

 The music gets distortedly out of key and everyone gets disoriented.

"Who?" asks Usagi.


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