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Ami-Chan no Hatsukoi Summary!Part 4

 "And so began their little plan," Luna narrates

At the Crown Game Center, the girls (minus Ami) are having conversation over beverages. Rei says, "I've never seen Ami like that."

   Mako daydreams, "The way her eyes sparkled!"
 Usagi madly states, "Acting so...feminine!"  
   Chibi-Usa adds, "Perhaps this is..."
 A picture of a heavenly Ami is shown and the girls say in unison, "...Ami's first love?!"  

 "All right! Minako, the goddess of love will help her out!" Minako triumphantly declares as she spins around. She is shown with her back to the screen and a large heart behind her.

"It's no skin off my neck!" she says as she pulls down a sleeve.

 The other girls act disgusted and Minako seems repulsive; Rei is trying to get away and hugs Makoto, and Usagi tries too. "Cut that out..."  
   "Anyway, we've got to help her find out who this Mercurius is!" Minako boldly declares as she lifts up a fist.

 "But how?" Chibi-Usa asks.

The girls look at Chibi-Usa and bow their heads pondering. "No plan, hey?"

"Seems so..." Artemis observes.

   The sun goldly sets above Juuban Junior High. Luna begins again, "Now, Usagi is up to some scheme."
 Usagi, seeming lonely, walks amidst other students who are leaving school. "See you!" a girl passing by says to someone.  

 "Usagi!" Naru yells. Usagi stops at this familiar voice.

"Naru!" Usagi exclaims. She is glad to see Naru, who brings along with her Umino.

"Umino is going to make predictions on what will be on the exam!" Naru says.

 "Umino..." Usagi blindly says; she has an idea. She blinks and thinks about this idea, as she inspects Umino.  

 "Is there..." Umino is nervous as Usagi examines him, and he is forced back. "..something on my face?"

Finally Usagi yells, "Umino, you're dependable when it comes to stuff like this!" She pulls his shirt collar.

Pardon?" Umino mumbles nervously.

"Do you know anything about Mercurius, the exam ace?" Usagi demands of Umino.

"Well, yes...he's my friend," Umino stiffly and scaredly says.


"Really?" Usagi exclaims.

"Really!" Umino replies as to get Usagi to leave him alone.

 Usagi giggles evilly as she sees this to be put to use for Ami's benefit. Meanwhile Naru, watching in horror, concernedly asks, "Are you okay, Umino?!" She rushes to his aid while Usagi is still laughing in delight.  
   "Lucky!" Usagi exclaims small-eyed.

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