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Ami-Chan no Hatsukoi Summary!Part 5

 "At the same time," Luna begins her narration...

"Here I am, to wreak havoc in the tutorial seminars!" Ami declares as The Number One Tutorial Seminar building stands in front of her. She's has her arsenal of several books in her bookbag and in her hands.

"Are you okay?" Luna comments, "You look stressed..." Ami enters the building determined.

   "In this third example, I and J are..." the instructor begins.
 Ami pays no attention. "Watch out, Mercurius. I can study and study and study..."  

 Ami pays no attention. "Watch out, Mercurius. I can study and study and study..."

Ami thinks of herself amongst a collossal pile of books studiying as time ticks by. "...and rest a bit...and study and study and study some more..." Ami fantasizes of herself studying some more so she can beat Mercurius.

 "...and rest." Ami has slept through the ENTIRE seminar! She awakens slowly, tired of all the studying. The class is empty and she's the only one there. Coming to her senses she quickly exclaims, "Oh my! It's the first day, and I'm falling asleep in class."  
   She leans back and puts her hand to her head, bewildered.
 Suddenly a mysterious red-lit face stirs. It mischeivously looks at Ami through the window, in the darkness of night. It soon disappears in a flash of smoky lilac.
  Ami walks out of class somewhat tired and distorted and she doesn't realize Mercurius, who's writing his name on a piece of paper nearby.
 A voice interrupts. "I can feel it... an unspeakably lewd aura..." From the same purple mist materializes a figure and the several segments of her dress flow downward. She surveys the darkened area. "Oh... there she is, that girl's in love..."  
   Ami staggers along weighted by her books and murmurs, "Mercurius..."

 "She's filled with lust, thinking only about a man..." the mysterious woman says. "She's easy prey for me. I've been in this business for over a hundred years, her desire will be mine!"

The woman's full figure and name is revealed. Her name is Bonnone. She wears an earthened shroud and her hair is wildly split into two ponitails, on the left side purple hair, on the right yellow. She bears an evil grin.


 "Be careful, the Terakoya leads on the desire of others..." Luna narrates again. Bonnone floats above Ami, who is oblivious.

"My head hurts... maybe I'm getting sick..." Ami remarks as she limps some more, the spectral figure of Bonnone above her. The segments of Bonnone's skirt envelop Ami and Bonnone moves along with Ami.

 "Here it is! Mercurius' seminar!" Umino says just as Ami leaves the alley of the Seminar building. He has brought along the other four girls.
   "Are you sure he's at a dump?!" Usagi questions.
 "It may look a bit run-down, but it has a long and respectable history," Umino explains as he tilts his glasses. Something catches his eye. The figure of... "Oh! Mercurius!" he exclaims., startling the girls.  
   "Hey Professer Googly-Glasses!" Mercurius greets. The girls are surprised at Mercurius...this was him?
 "Professor Googly-Glasses is my pseudonym," Mercurius happiily explains. The girls are absorbed by this shock. "What's the matter?" Mercurius asks, dumbfounded.

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