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Ami-Chan no Hatsukoi Summary!Part 6

 "Something's not right with Ami!" Luna begins again.

Ami is sick in bed, tortured by the thought of Mercurius infringing pain on her. But really it is Bonnone. "My body won't move...Mercurius, are you doing this to me?"

   "She's being haunted by her desires..." Bonnone says as her wrathlike figure materializes above Ami's bed, "...then she must be ready for the final act." She grins evilly.

 Bonnone unsheaths love letters from her hands in the style of a magician would do cards. They looks exactly like the one Mercurius sent to Ami. "The start of all desires... The Love Letter Attack!" Bonnone excitedly yells, her figure spread out, as she waits to attack.

Suddenly Ami's room disappears and a swirling vortex appears behind Bonnone. Ami's blanket magically comes off. "No one is unaffectd by the anticipated desires sealed within!" Bonnone says. She carelessly scatters the fanned cards and they circle around her, and she leads the cards to countour Ami, one slaps on Ami's head.

"I can't move! Oh no..." Ami worriedly says, very oblivious to Bonnone. "This reaction I'm getting...they're..." Ami blushes and sits upright. "Love letters!"

   "Bonnone laughs and says, "That's not all..."
 "Oh no! All those equations I memorized! They're leaving my brain!" A red, blue, and yellow balloon all exit Ami's head, representing the equations she has learned. The ballons enlarge and soon pop.  
   "Here we are!" Chibi-Usa says. She arrives at Ami's room along with Mamoru and Usagi.

 "What's wrong?" Mamoru asks Usagi, who has her arms crossed and a pensive look.

"Should I or should I not tell her about Mercurius' identity..." Usagi explains herself.


 "What are you mumbling about?" a distracted Chibi-Usa queries.

But Ami yells, "No!"

 "Ami!" Usagi cries.

"No!" Ami yells again, as more and more equations of balloons of different colors leave Ami's mind.

   "All your knowledge will flee your mind, and you'll become a slave to your desires," Bonnone laughs. Meanwhile Ami struggles to pull off the love letter attached to her face.
 "Who..." she wonders, still pulling, "are you?" Finally she slaps off the letter and she notices Bonnone. "I can't see... my mind's all cloudy and I can't focus..."
   Usagi storms into the room. "Ami!" She quickly runs to Ami's aid...but...she realizes there's no floor and clings on to the floor in the hallway.
"Who's that?" Bonnone asks.  

 "That's what we'd like to know!" Chibi-Usa demands.

"Me?" Bonnone slyly says, "I am..."

 "You're Mercurius!" Ami says, mistaken.

"No, I am..." Bonnone begins to correct.

   "It's all your doing! My headache, my drowsiness... you play a dirty game!" Ami confidently says. She raises her fist.
 "Excuse me, but I'm not..." Bonnone tries to interrupt.
   "I won't back down!" Ami yells.

 "Mercury crystal power, Make-up!" Ami yells. The henshin stick appears as usual, but the transformation begins with a blue symbol on Ami's forehead, which flashes. (This is different from her normal transformation.) She lays her head back and encircles herself in water. "Exam results plus seminars plus stress (sabotage/rival) minus the Enemy!" Ami yells. The water closes in on Ami, and in a slow blue flash she is fully transformed and posed.

(The pictures are sequenced from left to right.)


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