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Ami-Chan no Hatsukoi Summary!Part 7

 Bonnone screams in fear. Super Sailor Mercury! Standing in glory, her bows flowing in the wind, Sailor Mercury taunts, "You wanted to be number one at all costs! It can't be forgiven!"

On side screens, Sailor Mercury introduces herself. "I am the Sailor Soldier of love and exams, Sailor Mercury!"

   Sailor Mercury twirls her hands and says, "Stick your head in some cold water and think about what you've done!"
 Usagi clumsily explains, "I'm telling you, she's not Mercurius!" while she almost slips into the void beneath her. She is too concerned about her own safety to worry about Sailor Mercury.

 In a prayer-like pose Mercury thinks, "I knew you were my rival, but I didn't think you'd get inside my head!

Usagi yells, "Help me!"

 Sailor Mercury points her finger and with poise threatens Bonnone. "It's the end of this never-ending battle for the first place!"
   Bonnone justifies, "But I'm not..."
 "This is my equation for victory!" Sailor Mercury says and Bonnone screams for her life.  

 Mercury begins her new attack sequence and says the phrase, "Mercury! ...Aqua....Mirage!"


The symbol of a blue Mercury sign coins into the screen, then surrounds itself by an aqueous ball of water. Super Sailor Mercury waves her hands around the ball, spins it around her body several times, and it envelops around her in one aqua ribbon.

Next she crosses her arms above her and sics the ribbon, which splits into several ribbons, at Bonnone. The tips of these ribbons flash with power and target Bonnone, who dances around the screen trying to dodge them. They finally all home in on her and she is completely inside a large ball of water, saying, "But I'm not..." But it's too late. The ball explodes and water crashes into the screen, revealing a drenched Bonnone. Next she implodes and her illusion disappears, restoring Ami's room.


(The pictures are sequenced from left to right.)

 With Bonnone's illusion gone, Usagi is safe and falls over. Mamoru and Chibi-Usa just watch.
   Sailor Mercury sighs with her hands happily crossed, "I feel so much better!" Then she faints.

 "Ami are you alright?!" Chibi-Usa asks, concerned, as she dashes to Ami's aid.

"Ami!" Mamoru runs after Chibi-Usa to check up on Ami, and Usagi is coldly left.


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