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Ami-Chan no Hatsukoi Summary!Part 8

 The sun was setting as the girls were at crown. "But I would liked to have seen him," Ami says.

"Hey, hey..." the other girls exclaim in unison.

   "Rival-enemy, hey...I hope that my grades never get that good," Minako states.

 "I don't think you have to worry so much about that," Artemis smartly says.

Minako picks up Artemis repulsively and says, "Pardon me?"


 "Anyway," Usagi digresses, "we shouldn't mention Mercurius in front of Ami."

"That's a good idea," Makoto happily agrees while Usagi nods.

 "Then you saw him?" Ami, with her glasses on, appears out of the bushes behind Usagi and Makoto, startling the group. They all get on the table and hug for safety, until they notice it's Ami.

"Ami!" Chibi-Usa glumly greets.

   Ami, who stands up and adjusts her glasses, seriously questions them, "What was he like?"

 "Kind of like this guy here," Minako quickly replies, pointing to her magazine.

"Right, right! The year's hottest star!" Usagi tries to explain, making up a fake story. She points to a guy in the magazine.

   "That's what I imagined him to look like, a young Einstein!" Ami dreams. She picks up the magazine and hopelessly swoons, starry-eyed.
 "A little shallow, don't you think?" Minako asks.
   "But if she finds out that he looked exactly like Umino..." Usagi says. The music stops and Mercurius is shown from a back view. He turns around and says, "Hi!", his voice echoes. He is revealed to be looking like Umino except with more messed-up hair than Umino's.

 Usagi grimaces at the though. Makoto interrupts, "But why use the name Mercurius?"

Usagi smartly states, "Let me explain. His name is Suri Curume; kind of like Mercurius backwards." A teacher-like Usagi is seen in front of a blackboard explaining this.


 "Why?" Ami yelps later on the steps of the Hikawa shrine.

The girls turn around to see Ami. "What's wrong?" Makoto asks Ami.

 "I destroyed Mercurius and he's still in the rankings!" Ami furiously yells as she reads the latest magazine which holds the test scores. A sudden emphasis is placed on the section which reads Mercurius.  
   "Well, Ami..." Usagi tries to comfort Ami.

 "Don't worry everybody, leave him to me!"

"Him, as in HIM?" The other girls ask, referring to the real Mercurius.


 "Okay..." Ami starts as she energetically runs up the steps, passing the other girls.

"So the battle goes on for high standard Mercury..." Luna ends the narration. Ami looks refreshed and she swings her bookbag.

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