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The creme de la creme of my webpage, it's the...Ami-Chan no Hatsukoi Download Page! Sound the trumpets! Anyway, this page is full of clips and miscallany from the Ami-Chan no Hatsukoi Movie. And if you don't know what the Ami-Chan no Hatsukoi movie is...well, you weren't really paying attention to the opening page were you?!

Below, you can download the movie in 10 AVI clips, in one large AVI or Realvideo clip, or special parts of the film, like Super Sailor Mercury's introduction, special henshin, or her new "Mercury Aqua Mirage" attack. Also there are some wav's which I made off of the clips also. Be aware that some files are really, REALLY large. Like the biggest being about 20 MB's. So it might take some time to download, and if you're new to the internet, please be patient. Go get a movie and some popcorn or simply make yourself some coffee while you wait for the file to be finished tranferring.

BTW, two files with the same name have simply different URLs for file transfer. If one doesn't work, try the other, obviously.

Oh yeah, one more thing. To watch this movie streaming, visit http://www.projectanime.com/sailormoon/ami_movie.htm. It links to projectanime Sailor Moon site. Enjoy the rest!

AVI Clips




Running Time



16.1 MB

2:13 min.

This is the first clip out of 10. It's linked to an FTP server, and only 10 people are allowed to log in anonymously, so be patient. This first clip first contains the VKLL rolling letters (therefore subtitled, as all ami# clips are) and Ami-chan's morning routine...and she goes to school, and gets a...a... love letter?!


20.1 MB

2:01 min.

The second clip. The clip contains Ami-chan and the other girls' reactions to the love letter, and Ami-chan discusses test scores. Actually, someone codenamed "Mercurius" ranks number 1 with "Mercury," who is Ami. The new enemy...?!


15.9 MB

1:41 min.

Ami resolves this tieing problem by studying more! As if she didn't study enough already. At the Hikawa Shrine, the girls discuss Ami's preference for boys...eeww, who'd be attracted to Einstein except for Ami?!


13.1 MB

1:27 min.

At Crown, the girls can't help but wonder about how Ami is so passionate about "Mercurius." Usagi encounters Umino and Naru...and she uses Umino to Ami's benefit!


14.3 MB

1:38 min.

Basically, Ami overdoes it. She attends night school only to end up prey to the real enemy of the movie, Bonnone, who attempts to ride her home. (I KNOW what you're thinking, but she really does...she sits atop Ami's head while Ami walks home.) Umino introduces the girls to Mercurius...shocking!


20.2 MB

2:18 min.

Ami, sick in bed, is tortured by Bonnone...and she doesn't even realize it until she is badly in sickness and in trouble. Usagi, Mamoru, and Chibi-Usa arrive in time...or have they? Ami, mistakingly realizing that "Mercurius" is this woman, who is really Bonnone, she trasforms using her one-time animated sequence special of "Mercury Crystal Power, Make-Up!"


12.8 MB

1:28 min.

Mercury introduces herself to this bad guy (woman)! Full of aplomb and poise, she lets nothing stand in her way! Although Usagi tries many times to get her to believe the woman isn't Mercurius, she uses her special one-time attack, "Merucry Aqua Mirage!" Bonnone's charade explodes (as she does herself) in water and everything returns to normal.


14.5 MB

1:35 min.

And so things being normal, the girls finally relax at Crown. They talk about Mercurius behind Ami's back, although she surprises them by being there...and Usagi and Minako make up a completely fake story to keep the mystique of Mercurius alive for Ami ^_^. When they tie again, however, she seems happy and alright...


15.3 MB

1:33 min.

...and she says it'll be okay, as long as she keeps studying. This clip contains the song "Rashiku Ikimashou," the ending song to this special movie and some SuperS episodes. It's shortened though. (They wouldn't have a 3 or 4 minute song when the actual movie is only 15 minutes.)


7.7 MB

0:52 min.

This clip contains the VKLL rolling letters as in ami01.zip. This clip was the advertisement for the Ami-Chan no Hatsukoi Special. It sums up the plot minus the twists in the movie.


36.7 MB

15:50 min.

This clip contains the ENTIRE Ami-Chan no Hatsukoi special in one AVI, compressed, and without subtitles. It may be a pest to download, and the quality is lower than the ten ami segments, but it saves more space.


18.6 MB


The opening to Ami-Chan no Hatsukoi; I haven't seen this clip yet, and hopefully I will download it (I've tried on several occasions but with no luck.) Until then, I don't know very much about it.


15.6 MB


This clip, like the hk-op.avi, I haven't seen yet. I will try to get more information on it as soon as possible.


5.6 MB

23:24 sec.

This clip is basically a high-quality version of the one-time animated "Mercury Crystal Power Make-Up."


9.3 MB

28:30 sec.

For some reason, I haven't seen this clip because of an error, so I don't know the exact time it durates for. It's just an approximation. Anyways, this clip contains the one-time used "Mercury Aqua Mirage," in high-quality also.


704 KB

18:25 sec.

After transforming (see hk-xform.zip) Super Sailor Mercury introduces herself to Bonnone. She seems proud and dignified in this clip.


Realvideo Clips




Running Time



9.8 MB

15:50 min.

This is the Ami-Chan no Hatsukoi Movie, made by MoG from the hatsukoi.zip AVI. Read hatsukoi.zip above to find a description of it.


Wave Sounds



Running Time



202.3 KB

18:10 sec.

This is like merci.zip, except I made it from one of the AVI's. (I made all of the .wav's actually, so if you're going to use them, ask me.) It's basically of Super Sailor Mercury introducing herself to Bonnone.


263 KB

23:25 sec.

Ami fiercely using her henshin stick to transform into Super Sailor Mercury; confident talking in the background by her.


320.9 KB

29:02 sec.

Mercury using her "Mercury Aqua Mirage" attack against Bonnone. This includes the attack phrase, the background music and sound effects, all up until Bonnone literally exlpodes.


1 MB

1:32 min.

The song "Rashiku Ikimashou" as played in the Ami-Chan no Hatsukoi ending. If you want the MP3 to this song, visit my Music Section.








1.4 MB

This is the Sailor Stars Game. I got the pictures as seen in the logo on top from here. Since the Sailor Moon Quiz v3 is no longer using this as a prize, it's safe for me to put it up.

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