This page contains the music to Ami-Chan no Hatsukoi. It's such a petite page. I plan to add other Ami songs, if my site ever becomes an Ami-chan Shrine. All pages are linked to David Jao's site (Thaks again!), at So if you ever want to link to some of his files, ask him, not me, otherwise he will block you from entering his site ever again. Please consider that these songs are copyrighted, therefore buy the CD if you like them. If you don't like them, be sure to delete them from your Hard Drive within 24 hours. They came from the BSSM SuperS Movie CD, a great CD and worth the value in my opinion. Also, I plan to add RealAudio music versions to this page soon.

Name, Format Size Time Description
Ami Chan's Morning (.mp3) 1.1 MB 1:27 This music has a peaceful melody, sort of jingly with flutes and different types of chimes and bells. It was played in the Ami-Chan no Hatsukoi Special near the beginning, when Ami-chan was getting up and her day (dilemma!) began.
Cute Plot (.mp3) 0.9 MB 1:14 This music is upbeat and nonchalant. It was played in the Special when the girls were discussing what to do about Mercurius.
Dread, Danger, Mercury Appears! (.mp3) 3.8 MB 4:46 This long ballad has both scary and mysterious music in it. It was played when Bonnone was around, lurking in the shadows. An orchestra (basically the strings) add suspense to the theme, and a trumpet adds a cool refresher from the tension, although the suspense builds up as the song goes by.
Ending song (.mp3) 1.1 MB 1:29 This reggae style song is a prelude to the next song, "Rashiku Ikimashou." It's jazzed up, and more relaxed though. It was played when Ami-chan overcame the fact that Mercurius still beat her.
Rashiku Ikimashou (.mp3) 3.2 MB 3:34 This very upbeat song is the highlight of the songs in the Special. It goes at a steady tempo and it's very jolly. There's a run in the beginning which sounds like a song from the musical "Grease."
For lyrics or an English translation of the song, go here.

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