Ami-Chan no Hatsukoi Summary!Part 1


 "The following story unfolds amidst strange situations..." narrates Luna, as Ami is about to wake up, "...while the girls were frantically studying for their high school entrance exams."

Suddenly Ami's dark room illuminates with sunshine beaming in through her window, the tranquil sounds of birds chirping begins the day.

 Ami picks up her alarm clock and rubs her eyes tiredly. She yawns and stretches her arms slowly. Fully awake and happy she opens her window and five white birds are outside, watching her.  
  "Good morning!" she exclaims dreamily as they fly away from her window, into the morning sunlight of the city.
 The title screen appears.  
   Bubbles float by and Ami absorbs herself in her reading, while taking a bath. "I'm Ami Mizuno. Born September 10th, a Virgo, blood type A. My hobbies are reading" Ami flips a page and continues, "Every morning, I'll get to school 40 minutes early to read." Ami picks up her towel and gets out of the tub.

 She gets dressed and walks to the kitchen table, still continuing, "I love sandwiches, because I can read while I eat them." Ami takes a bite out of her hamburger.

"My favorite color is blue, and swimming is my favorite sport." Ami sits to put on her shoes and walks out with her bookbag. "Math is my best subject."

   Suddenly Ami is greeted with the synchronous ways of the city, children passing by, other students passing by her. Ami makes her way to school.
 "One thing I'm not good at receiving..." Ami begins as she opens her footlocker, surprised at a tiny heart-sealed parcel in front of her... "a..."  

 Ami picks it up and blushes, quietly saying to herself, heart-thumping... "love letter...!"

Ami screams in delight and in fear. The students outside jump surprisedly while Ami is still in shock.


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